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By Michael Thompson

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Dear Reader:
Before you try some scammy dating advices that could make you look like a weirdo…
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PLEASE read the information you’ll find here! But first, let me ask you something.

Picture this. You are in the club with your best friends. Sitting on the bar with them and having fun. A lot of jokes and fun this evening and it’s going really well. But suddenly you see her:

A Smokin Hot Blonde on High Black Heels,
 With So Tight and Short Red Dress

You ask your friend next to you who she is. He replies that the lovely girl is his colleague and she and her friend Lilly will stay on your table for the rest of the night.

“Holy sh*t, that girl is so hot!” – You’re thinking, while you’re looking her big breasts moving a little bit under the red tight dress. You decide that you must take some action and get that girl. But in that moment something happens. Your stomach shrinks into a ball. Your palms become sweaty and you feel so huge anxiety that you almost can’t move. Your words are out of your mind and you don’t know what to say.

What’s going on? You decide that you have to wait couple of minutes to calm down and to ask your friends to encourage you. But unfortunately the more you wait, that awful feeling becomes stronger. Your friends are trying their best to encourage you. They’re telling you to go and introduce yourself, but you’re still not ready.

The time passes and in 1 hour you decide that you’ll go, no matter what will happen! You go to the girl with the best possible smile you can express in the moment and say: “Hi, you’re so beautiful.” She looks at you and replies to you with no emotion “Thanks.” Then she turns her back, gently covered with silk dress to you and she starts chatting with her friend Lilly.

You are crashed. You start thinking that something with you is not right and she doesn’t like you. Hopefully, your friends are there and they suggest to buy her a drink. “Brilliant idea” – you think. You order fast a dry martini and serve it to the table. You go to the girl and say that you want to treat her. This time you notice her nice blue eyes and you feel that when she looks at you, you can dive into them. But the answer you got for your martini is simply: “No thanks, I don’t accept drinks from unknowns.”

Because of these things, the rest of your evening is failed. Later when you come home, you can’t stop thinking about that girl and what’s wrong with her.

  • “Why I failed?”
  • “Why she doesn’t like me?”
  • “Does she has a boyfriend?”
  • “Did I make some mistake?”
  • “What should I do to get her?”

Questions like these pop out in your head. You feel that you did everything you could and you can’t find a real reason why she was so cold with you and why the things didn’t happened.
Now, let me ask you something my friend:

Has Something Like This Ever Happened to You?

I bet that something similar has ever happened to you. To be honest the exact same situation I described to you, happened to me. Actually a lot of people experience sometimes similar situations. By the way you’re 3 minutes in reading away from the information that I promised. But let’s go back and rewind the tape to the point where you arrive at the bar and start having fun with your best friends.

Imagine that you see her – the smokin hot blonde with her blue eyes. Imagine that from the first moment you see her, you are sure that you will get her. And you are sure that it’s going to be easy. You go to her and start talking. Imagine that you don’t worry what to say and you don’t have anxiety at all. In fact you’re pretty confident. You know that everything happens naturally, and there’s no pressure at you. No insecurity, no fear of rejection.

Imagine that she starts laughing at your jokes. Smiling at you. Asking lots of questions and showing huge interest about you and your life. The time passes and it seems that she becomes more and more attracted to you. She starts dancing with you. Rubbing her perfect rounded butt into you. You say to yourself that you must stop looking directly into her big breasts, gently pressed by her black bra which is showing under her red dress. Damn, that’s not an easy one!

She starts touching your shoulders and hugging in you while dancing. And you know that maybe it’s time to kiss her. But she goes for it first. Obviously, she wants it badly. And she doesn’t give some shiny kiss but heavy makeout! Her lips are so thick and her lipstick has taste of cherry. So close to her you can feel her perfume, maybe GUCCI, it feels so seductive. You’re so relaxed with her fragrance but suddenly something shocks you really hard like a thunder. She leans in, grabs the right half of your butt, and licks your ear, which make you bristle twitching and says to you:

“I Want You to Come With Me…in the Toilet!”

“Holy crab! What does she may want from me there?” Well, I’m not going to describe you the details. Just imagine how she is giving you the greatest wet BJ while she is looking with her blue eyes directly into your face. She wants to give you all the pleasure she can, while your legs are shacking. Damn!

Imagine the excitement and admiration of your friends when they see you after that. They are constantly asking again and again one question: “How did you do it?” Imagine that you can get almost the same results with mostof the girls you meet, if you want to. This is one of the most wonderful things you can experience. Wouldn’t all this be so great?

So in other words if there’s some way to achieve this with one girl, then you’ll be in position to make it with other girls, if you want to. Or you’ll be sure that you will attract the only one girl who’s right for you. Am I right?

Alright, I’m about to share with you a lot of things that will make you say “WTF?” Actually believe it or not, these facts will improve your success with women dramatically. Here's why...

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Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me?

Just 10 years ago I was nothing more than a virgin boy. And to be completely honest with you I was virgin until the age of 14! I was super shy and extremely closed. I couldn’t even have a normal conversation with women, because I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even look the girls directly in the eyes. There was a constant anxiety in me.

One awful and lonely night I decided that I have to fix this area of my life. I wanted to improve my current situation with girls, which was so bad. I decided that

I Will Learn How to Get
Girls Or I Will Die Trying!

The first thing that I did was to open Google and I typed “How to attract girls”. There were a lot of search results and I started to explore every possible website and all of the information inside.

7 years passed since that moment. 7 years of constant reading the information of so called “dating gurus” and constant tries to apply it in the real world.

It Took Me 7 Years and Hundreds of Unsuccessful Conversations
with Girls in Testing to Arrange This Puzzle

During these years I tested everything I could find about attracting women. That includes every opener, principle and routine out there. I discovered that not everything works. After more years of testing I figured out every useful piece and I developed something that I call The Secret System. And I will share it with you in just a few moments. It is part of The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man and it is step-by-step, easy to follow guide from 6 elements, revealing all the phases from the meeting to the relationship with a girl. Thanks to it and all the information in The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man collected through the years, I can say that I am a totally new person and getting girls is not a problem for me anymore.

Inside the handbook you will find:

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  • 18 banter lines. These are super easy to deliver and the results are crazy

  • More than 30 word for word examples which you can use almost immediately

  • How to handle with the fear and the anxiety of approaching beautiful women

  • The right body language you should express

  • Avoid rejection. How to start the conversation without being rejected

  • Ingenious secrets how to make her attracted to you

  • Amazing technique that will help you to never experience “the awkward silence” during a conversation with a beautiful girl anymore

  • Easy trick which will make her feel the first signs of love

  • Simple plan to kiss a girl without worries and in a pro way

  • 12 proven techniques which will show you how to touch her without creep her out

  • How to arouse her with minimum possibility of resistance

  • Secret principle that will shock you and will change everything you know about interacting with beautiful women

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What Men Ought to Know about Women
Why You Shouldn’t Trust These 2 Fallacies

All men try to attract women. And they try to do it with everything that they think is right. The problem is that only 2 men in 100 know how to do it in the right way and without being rejected.
So let me tell you the truth about the 2 most common fallacies men have:

  • Girls are attracted to money – a lot of dating “gurus” are saying that this is not true. And if you live in a box at some metro station you can get the hottest girls you have ever imagined. I’m sorry but that’s not possible. All girls like money and expensive things. And the more money you have, the more advantages you have than the others. BUT

    it doesn’t mean that if you are super rich you will have all the women you want. No girl will jump into Ferrari owned by a guy without knowing him and just because it is super expensive and he got tons of money. There’s something else.

  • Girls are attracted to man because of his looks. I am facing guys with big muscles or handsome guys. Most of the dating “gurus” are saying that the girls don’t like these stuff. And if you weight 300lbs you can have all the women you want. I’m sorry but that’s not possible. Of course that the girls are attracted to six pack abs and guys who look like Brad Pitt. And that’s perfectly normal. BUT

    it doesn’t mean that if you are super handsome and muscular man you’ll get all the women you want. No girl will sleep with a guy, just because of his body and his muscles, without knowing him. There’s something else.

In The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man, you’ll see how to prevent yourself from these and other huge mistakes. If you are rich and/or handsome you will see how to express it in the right way, without bragging and in a way that will WOW the girls. Moreover, you will learn which the top 3 mistakes that almost every man do with women are on page 48. Knowing these and preventing yourself from doing them will get you one step closer to the girl you are interested in.

I can definitely say that if you are rich and good looking you will have an advantage over the guys

who are not. That’s why you have to be in shape and try to have some dollars in the pocket. There are also other advantages that would make the girls around you more attracted to you. You can easily use the entire list of advantages and you have to make sure that you have at least 3 of them, see page 38. BUT you will not be super successful because of that. So what is the other thing?

I called it The Secret System. If you know and if you apply The Secret System you will get more girls - more girls than the richer and more handsome guys who don’t know that system.

  • Shocking revelation - No technique, no principle, no tip or whatever will help you if you have don’t follow The Secret Formula. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Jim Carrey and hundreds of other superstars, billionaires and sport legends follow the 4 steps to achieve successes in their life. You too can follow its 4 steps to achieve successes in your life. To see what these steps are and why this is true see page 15. Also be sure to read page 17 to see the mindset of the successful ladies’ man.

The System is based on the way how the girls think. The thinking in all humans is the same from millions of years and it is hardwired in our brains, no matter if we are aware of it or not (fully explained on page 31). That’s why you have to know the real reason:

  • Why women are not easy - you as a man can have sex easily with some hot girl. But it is not so easy for the girls. To understand why, just see page 31.

  • Women have defense mechanism – if they think that you just want to get them into your bed, be sure that they won’t be very friendly to you. Moreover, they will reject you. More details on that defense mechanism on page 33.

  • Why you feel anxiety when you talk with a beautiful girl – almost every man has fear of approaching women. You can find the reason for that on page 32.

  • How to stop the anxiety - No Fear technique – extremely simple and deadly effective way, how to overcome your fear and anxiety of talking with beautiful girls (page 55).

  • What women really want – Have you ever wondered what women really want, why are they so different from the men or why sometimes they act weird? You will find the answer on page 32.

The Secret System Explained

I always wanted to have some system, some model that can guide me through my interactions with women. It would be a lot easier if you have this knowledge and it guides you step by step. That’s why I created this system and I am about to share it with you. Literally it’s simple as that: “First do this, then do that, third this….until the end (the sex).” It’s so simple that even a 5th grade boy can follow the steps.

You have to know how woman’s mind works. Women are not like men and they think completely different. Men prefer looks. Women don’t.  The girls don’t think logically. They think emotionally. So with the knowledge I am about to share with you, you will know how women think. You will know facts that very few men know.
So my Secret System is simply step-by-step system and if you follow it, you will always know what happens. And what you need to do next to get the girl. You will never be confused at what phase are your relations with a girl.

If you follow that simple system, you will have more success with women.
The Secret System contains 4 stages, revealed on page 44. Each stage contains couple of phases, shown on page 45. Here I will show you 6 phases that you have to pass during your interaction with a girl. In each phase there are some steps you have to do to complete the phase successfully. In every phase I will give you example so you can understand the phase and you can try it out with a real girl. Let me first explain the whole process and then I’ll get into details. Check out the schematic below.


Figure 1. Flowchart of The Secret System

Phase 1: How to Start a Conversation

Have you ever walked up to a girl full with anxiety? Let me reveal to you what is the right way to start a conversation. This phase starts when you see the girl.
Here, you have to start a conversation with the girl successfully without being rejected.
That’s why you have to pass through the following steps:

Figure 2. Flowchart of Phase 1

Step 1: Fear of the approach - every man has fear of talking to beautiful women. It starts when you see the girl and when you decide to talk to her. Some men feel it stronger, some men almost don’t feel it. You must overcome it. Otherwise you will not start a conversation or you will screw it up.

Step 2: Start a conversation – the moment when you go to a girl and initiate a conversation. This step can be done by you, if you start the conversation OR by a girl if she starts the conversation with you.

The line you will use to start it is called conversation

starter. There are 5 types of conversation starters to start a conversation with a girl. Each type is different and should be used depending on the situation. Find out all the types and understand what type is best for you on page 62. There you will also discover 15 proven word for word lines how to start a conversation with a girl.

Step 3: FTL – fake time limit. Let’s say that you walk up to a girl you don’t know and start talking, and talking, and talking.
At some point she will start to think when you will leave. She has stuff to do. That’s why to prevent these thoughts in her head you have to say something like this: “I have to leave in a minute but let me ask you….”

Other extremely important stuff in phase 1 are:

  • Before you do anything else - Your body language is crucial! All of your body postures, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. In summary with your body language you should express confidence. You can find detailed examples with explanation for the RIGHT body language on page 57.

  • How to read the signals of her body – if you know how to read them you will not wonder whether you perform well. It is a fact that the body language of a girl can show you her thoughts. If she likes you, she can give you signals to start conversation with her. If you know them, you will never miss your chance. See what these invitations for conversation are on page 60.

  • How to attract a girl from your social contacts – you shouldn’t use the approach described above if the girl is from your social contacts, colleagues or friends. What the right approach is and why you have to use a different one – see on page 71.

  • What to do if there are other men with the girl – it is possible some men to be around the girl and in her company. They can be her friends, colleagues or even there can be her boyfriend. But that shouldn’t scare you. If you really like the girl, you should go. Using a simple technique you will understand whether her boyfriend is there. If he is not there, you can continue with your game. You can do it in a special way (page 72), without worrying about the guys around her.

  • How to start a conversation if the girl is sitting, standing or walking – these are 3 different situations and you can’t use the same approach in each one. That’s why there are 3 different strategies revealed on page 76.

Let me give you an example, so you can understand better the process described in this phase. You go to the girl at some bar to start a conversation. What to say? The best way for beginners is to ask her for something. The point here is to look like you don’t like her. You just want to know something or you just want to share something with her. It must be super spontaneous.   

You can say: “Hey, did you see the fight outside?” (Credit to Mystery – world’s greatest pickup artist)
She will reply “No, what fight?”
You: “Oh, 2 girls was fighting for a guy, who was 300lbs. It was like a dogfight. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Alright, so far you started a conversation with an unknown girl at the bar. And you did it 100% better than the other guys who will walk up to her and will say “You’re beautiful, let me buy you a drink”, which will automatically make her think - “Oh no, another guy who wants to sleep with me.” See the difference?

Now you must use FTL – say something like this: “I must leave, because my friends are waiting for me, but…..”
You’re saying that you won’t talk to her for 1 hour. And you’re about to leave.

The end of this phase is when the girl feels comfortable to have a conversation with you. Now you need:

  • Simple way to get into the next phase - you have to use connecting sentence that will let you start naturally with the next phase. Also you can use this sentence to begin an interesting story. This is fully described on page 73.

  • Before you go out don’t forget to put yourself in a right mood. It is important because if you are not in a mood to get girls be sure that you will not get any. See how to put yourself in top mood on page 56.

  • Best conversation starter must sound believable and real. Otherwise you risk the girl to think that all of this is set up. How to make it realistic, see on page 66.

  • The often-ignored factor – your friends at the bar are extremely important for your success. The others should see that all of you have fun. Why this is important and what else you have to show to the others around, see on page 56.


Phase 2: How to Attract Her

90% of the guys miss this phase. It is crucial and if you miss it you are doomed.
Most of them start to compliment the girl from the moment when they see her. Or they try to impress her.

“Attraction is not a choice.” – David DeAngelo


Don’t Try to Impress a Girl or
Compliment Her Before She Deserves It

This is not valid if you decide to choose a direct approach. Here we discuss the indirect approach only. And maybe the guys complement the girls because they don’t know what to do. But you will know. Your task is to make her attracted to you without using compliments. Here are some tested and proven-that-work tips from the pages of The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man.

There are 7 attraction switches you must switch on. They are hardwired in the woman’s

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psychology. And if you switch them, she will be attracted to you. She doesn’t have a choice. If you don’t switch them, she will never feel attraction to you! No matter how many compliments you will make. No matter how many drinks you will buy. No matter if you do everything for her. The full list of all the attraction switches is on page 86.

That’s why if you make constant compliments and if you do everything to please her, you will NOT get her. Instead, you will bore her. Have you ever seen someone who is a complete jerk with the girls but he always gets them?
Hey, I’m not saying that you have to be a jerk. Not at all.

Girls love thrill. And that jerk fills her with thrill, curiosity and unpredictability in some way. You don’t have to be a jerk with her but you must constantly make her feel that you are unpredictable. She must feel curious about you from the beginning. You must make her wonder whether you like her or not. This will drive her crazy. Let me explain how to do it.

Here you must follow the steps shown below:

Figure 3. Flowchart of Phase

Step 1: Disqualifier – your task is to make her think that you don’t like her. Moreover, you don’t want to sleep with her at all and you are not blinded by her beauty and her looks.

She expects that the guys like her and they want to get her into their bed. If you start complimenting her from the beginning, she will start thinking that you just want to sleep with her. You will turn her defense mechanism on. Practically, she cannot sleep with all
of the guys who want her. That’s why she has to choose the best.

But if you disqualify yourself from the guys who just want to sleep with her, you go around her defense mechanism. If you do this, you have 90% more chances

than the guys who compliment her directly. Note that the disqualifiers are just banter. The basic banter lines and the appropriate body language are fully described on page 81 of The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man.

Not only that but:

  • Walk on the edge technique - using a disqualifier in the wrong way can make the girl feel offended. That’s why you always have to do it with a smile and a positive attitude. This is fully described on page 83.

  • The limit trick - you don’t have to overdo with the disqualifiers. You should know where to stop. The different girls take everything in a different way. Depending on the type of girl, see page 83 to understand the strategy you can use with different types of girls.

  • DOUBLE your success trick – this is bullet proof and be sure that it will help you to double the attraction of the girl to you. Learn it on page 89.

  • The Friendly trick – if you wonder how to talk or do you have to talk with her friends when you first meet her at the bar, here is a simple formula to make them like you. If her friends like you, then there is a higher possibility for her to like you. If they don’t like you, be sure that she won’t like you either. Page 93.
  • The Position Secret – how to position your body after you start a conversation with strangers. This is highly important for your success. Be sure to check page 94.
  • Step 2: Attract – There are 7 attraction switches in her mind which you must switch. The more switches on – the more she will be attracted to you.

    You can turn on one of these switches using different stories. In them you should come up like a person with whom everyone want to hang out. You should demonstrate high value. You can find more about the concept called Value on page 84. It is extremely important for creating attraction in her to you. We will get into greater details later and you will see its enormous power.
    Note that you have to tell the stories without making her think that you are bragging.

The attraction phase starts when you have successfully finished Phase 1. And it ends when the girl

is attracted to you.
Moreover, there are a lot of indicators she can give to you that will show you whether she is attracted to you or not. When you see them, you will know that the phase is over and you have to continue with the next one.

    Signs of interests or signs of disinterest - Your girl gives you these depending on your performance. You have to read her indicators so you can prepare your next move. I learned this from Mystery – he calls them IOIs and IODs.
    By the way in the hidden camera video you can see very clearly some of the indicators of interest. Full list of them is shown on page 91 of The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man.
    You should watch out for these, so you can move on to the next step.
    What if you are getting only signs of disinterest? This is not a good situation for you at all and you have to react in the right way. It is described on page 166.

You can also give such indicators to her. You have to master when to send her indicator of interest or disinterest. This is crucial for your success.
At the end of the phase you must see indicators of interest.

What else you will discover:

  • “The time rule” – how much time you need to spend not only in this phase but in each of the others. And yes, the minimum time you need to spend is totally different in each phase.

  • 15 word for word examples of disqualifiers – these are used hundreds of times and I can guarantee that they will shock the girl in a positive way. See what I mean on page 83.

  • “The Role trick” – breakthrough way to make her even more attracted to you. It is fun and the girls love it, see page 91.

  • “The Signs principle” – as I already said you can communicate interest or disinterest with your actions towards the girl. For maximum effect you have to synchronize the signs of your body and your words because if you tell some compliment but your body language shows disinterest, the girl will assume that you fake it. That’s why make sure to check page 163 where this principle is fully described.

  • “Read Her Behavior technique” – the girl can give you passive signs of disinterest or interest. They are different from the signs which you can see with your eyes. To see what I mean see page 92.

  • “Isolation trick” – when you meet a girl at the bar, be sure that she will be with her friends there. It is extremely important for your success to isolate her from the others as soon as possible. To see how to do it check page 95.

  • Interruption trick – it is possible when you are with a group of people, someone to interrupt you while you are talking. What would you do in this situation? This trick tells you the right way to react and the way to go back to the conversation.

  • How to pass her tests – every woman will test you to make sure that you are right for her. That’s why you have to be prepared for her tests. How to respond on them, learn on page 96.

  • “I have a boyfriend” – if she says you this, bear in mind that she may be lying. The right respond to this and how to understand if she has a bf for real, see page 97.

  • Curiosity technique – special technique about how to answer to her questions. Initially created by one of the biggest names in the field of seduction – Mystery. Make sure to read it on page 98.

Phase 3: Find Her Best Qualities

So far you know that the girl is already attracted to you. You got her interest. You have seen indicators of interest and you are sure. Now is the time when she has to win your interest over. Yes that’s right, you have to find a reason why you want that girl, besides the fact that she is hot.
A lot of guys don’t do this because they don’t know it. And if you don’t do it, she may think that you want her because of her looks and only to sleep with her. You don’t want that to happen.
We have the following sub phases here:

Figure 4. Flowchart of Phase 3

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Step 1: Ask a question. You show interest in her. It is something like a reward for her indicators of interest. With this question you help her to express her best qualities.

Step 2: Quality – based on her reply you must find some qualities you like in her. Or some activities she does and you admire and like. Of course you can fake it. I don’t fake it, because the next phase will be a lot harder. And it will be impossible to have a relationship with the girl. But if you just want to get her into bed, just fake it.
Step 3: Compliment - The key is to compliment her on these qualities. The compliment develops strong connection and she feels significant and valued.

In The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man you will also find:

  • Qualify Right Technique – this technique (see page 105) will do wonders and will make the process described above so easy and so natural.

  • The Response Booster - What questions you should ask so you can be sure that you will receive an answer? Do not ask her any questions until you see this crazy technique (page 103).

  • The Compliment Secret. How to make your compliments. You have to do it in a specific way shown on page 104.

  • The “Not Needy” Secret. Get under her skin showing her that you are not needy. This will make her go crazy. Guaranteed! (Page 106).

  • The Secret “Finale” – when you do everything described until now, make sure to do this (page 106).

At the end of this phase she must feel significant and valued.

Let me give you an example conversation to understand better the described process.
You: “How do you spend your free time?”
She: “Well, I like swimming and I am champion on freestyle in the university.”
You: ”Oh, really? I love swimming. I used to train at the high school but I quit. To be one of the best is really hard. I want to congratulate you for that.”
Find more on page 105 of The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man.

Besides the described here, in The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man you’ll discover:

  • The Mixing Secret. Ingenious technique to make your conversation flow naturally. This is another useful tip to avoid the awkward silence between you and the girl.

  • The thing you should avoid in your conversation during that and the previous phases.

  • The Fake it Principle. What if you just want to have sex with the girl and you don’t enjoy the conversation? See page 108.

The end of this phase leads you naturally into the next, where both of you will have real and deep conversation.

Phase 4: How to Get under Her Skin

So far, so good. Maybe this is the most important part of the whole process. During this phase you have to get under her skin as you establish mutual feelings of trust and connection between both of you. Also it is the longest phase. The best will be to split this phase in couple of dates.

Figure 5. Flowchart of Phase 4

Step 1 – Sharing. This is the step where you have to be real. I mean that you have to share your life with the girl. And she will share her life. You will exchange interesting stories with each other. Every story will lead into another story. And so on.

Example. You: “Let me tell you about my first girlfriend. I was at 6th grade…” and then you share something interesting that happened to you.

You talk about your childhood. You share interesting story. After that she shares something. You got the point. You will exchange a lot of information and you will
get to know each other in that phase.
Here like in the previous phase, you must compliment the girl about what you like in her.

Both of you must have a lot of talking in this phase. And that’s why it’s the longest phase in The Secret System. Both of you must find commonalities. This builds strong feelings of comfort and connection with the other person. The girl must feel safe with you so you can reach the point of sex later.

Which topics for a conversation are the best? Basically you can talk for everything. The strongest topics are these about dreams and pursuing goals. Girls love men who have goals and pursue them. Also I have a list with 9 hot topics to talk about. You must talk about each one of these topics before the sex happens. My experience shows that if you miss couple of them, you’ll never reach the sex. See them on page 118.

The best you can achieve in the Trust&Connection phase is to make the girl to feel the first signs of falling in love with you.

You can do it with The Killer Deep Trust & Connection Technique. That simple 4 step technique increased my success with women with 40%. Simple but so effective. You have never seen anything like this before so make sure to see page 121.
In The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man you will also discover:

  • The Lemon Secret. Using this simple secret you will increase the levels of connection between you and the girl with at least 30%. It requires almost 0 efforts (page 111).

  • Don’t call her with this nickname. 99% of the men use this nickname for the girls when they talk with them. You should definitely avoid this. See what it is on page 111.

  • When is the right moment to get her number? If you ask for her number too early, she may reject you. If you wait too much she can be bored. That’s why turn on page 114 and see when the right time to get her number is.

  • How to get her number. Word for word examples how to get her number without worrying whether she will give it to you or not. There are two different approaches for this.

  • The Change Trick. Ingenious technique that will help you to build more feelings of trust and comfort between both of you. Less than 3% of the guys know this. Page 115.

  •  The Photo Routine. Extremely easy routine that will help you to talk with the girl at least 30 minutes without wondering what to say. Invented by Mystery – New York Times call him “The world’s greatest pickup artist”. Check out page 119.

Step 2 – Touching. Let me tell you something important that many guys are doing and it’s a huge mistake. You can’t kiss a girl without touching her at all before the moment of the kiss. Some guys sit on a date and they have no physical contact with the girl from the beginning. Suddenly, they decide that they must kiss the girl. It’s like a big moment at the end of a movie. And then they wonder why she turned her cheek or turned away.

You Must Have Physical Contact
with the Girl before You Kiss Her

In The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man you will find my Light Touch technique - 12 proven ways how to touch her right.Using this technique you will never wonder how to initiate physical contact with a girl. Page 154.
Another really important thing is to show that you are sensitive. Show the girl that you have one other side of your character too. A lot of guys are trying to be always though and serious but this is a completely wrong attitude. So make sure to show some vulnerabilities. This is fully shown on page 120.

The vulnerabilities are important if you want the girl to feel the first signs of love for you. But if you add to them The Killer Deep Trust & Connection Technique, the combination will be deadly effective. Using this technique you will never wonder what to say to a girl and you will never experience the “awkward silence” in your conversations.

Step 3 – Kissing. In that phase you must kiss the girl. Not earlier, but right here. How you may know that she is ready for the kiss? She will give you signs that she is ready for the kiss. 90% of the women give such signs (page 125). Whether she is giving you signs or not I developed Special Kissing Technique. If you use it, I guarantee that when you go for the kiss, she won’t turn away. Revealed on page 124.
Focus your attention also on:

  • Always apply The Secret Principle. If you apply it, the whole system works like a machine. I have never seen anything so powerful like this. It took me a year to find out that principle. And because of it I started to get really smokin hotties, which was impossible for me before.
    If you apply the system without that principle you will see that it works and you will make the girls attracted to you. BUT if you apply that simple principle with the system – man, there is the GOLD. Page 123.

  • Take advantage of the jealousy. This is a huge motivator in women’s mind. Switching on the jealousy in her head on is another way to remind her that you are attractive man and this will make her more attracted you.

  • Accept the girl. In this phase, no matter what, you should accept the girl and you should constantly show that you like her for her character.

  • How to show that you don’t like something in her behavior. A lot of guys show their girls in a totally wrong way that they don’t like something in their behavior. And because of this reason they don’t reach the last phase. If you want to correct her behavior when it is offensive, see page 127.

When you have enough feelings of trust and connection between both of you and the girl is fully comfortable with your touch, then you can move on to the next phase.

Phase 5: Intimacy

Have you ever experienced the situation in which you think that you did everything so smoothly but

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the girl hits the brakes when it comes to intimacy? It happens a lot and that’s why I love this phase. Here you will collect the fruits of the labor.
Here is the time to increase the physical contact between both of you. This is called sexual escalation.

You should be at some place and there should be only both of you. Perfect for this case are:

  • Car (By the way, the sex in a car is my favorite)
  • Your apartment
  • Her apartment
  • Anywhere else if there are only both of you

Always try to have sex at your place because if you decide to do it at her place, a lot of things can go wrong.
Remove everything from your house that does not comply with the information she already has for you. For example, if you are a doctor and you seem a serious man, it is not good to have posters of some video game in your room.

There shouldn’t be any risk somebody to see you and to screw the things.
A lot of guys start the Sexual Escalation at the bar. As a rule you have to remember:

Don’t Start the Sexual Escalation until You Arrive
at the Place Where You Can Have Sex

Figure 6. Flowchart of Phase 5

I don’t recommend starting the escalation at a bar or at a place if there are a lot of people. Obviously you can’t have sex in the bar. You can do it in the toilet but don’t do such experiments before you become more experienced.
The Sexual Escalation includes:

  • Kissing
  • A lot of touching – her face, arms, shoulders
  • Hugging
  • Touching her breasts
  • Touching her legs and butt
  • She must reply to your touches. If she doesn’t touch you, but she leaves you to touch her, that’s ok. I will reveal to you how you can handle it. I have a special technique for you, so you can do all of this so smoothly and so naturally. You will see its arousing power in The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man.

    Every touch you do must be natural and you should not put a lot of pressure on it. You don’t want her to think that you don’t know how to touch a girl or that you didn’t touch a girl so far.
    Another important rule here:

    Don’t Hurry

    If you hurry too much and escalate too fast she will resist. Don’t make her run home to her momma.

    It is normal for her to resist. You can find the reason why she does it and how you can handle it on page 132.
    You should escalate sexually until the sex happens. This is the ultimate goal in The Secret System and it’s the end of the phase Intimacy.
    I have also prepared for you:

    • 5 ways to avoid her resistance. Pay close attention especially to the third one. You have never seen anything so powerful. Page 133.

    • How to undress her. A lot of girls can be super resistive when you undress them. Don’t be a hungry dog. Instead use this technique (page 136) which will show you how to undress her.

    • You should have a plan. Always have a plan in your head. Don’t improvise. I mean that the girl shouldn’t know your intentions for the evening but you have to plan every detail. That’s why, when you go at your place, don’t go directly at your bedroom. Instead do this (page 135).

    • How to escalate in the right way. This is extremely important and it will be a shame if you reach this point and you screw yourself here. That’s why check out page 136 and learn how to do it like a ladies’ man.

    Phase 6: Relationships

    Alright buddy, you got that girl. Now what? You have couple of options:

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    • Never Call Her Again – I don’t recommend it. You put so many efforts to get her and now you will just cut her off. You can do it if she pisses you off or she is super boring and you are not interested in her at all.

    • Make Her Friend – yes, just friend. No sex with her, no kissing. You may be wondering why. Because she has a lot of female friends. And she may meet you with them as her friend. All you have to do is to choose and take action. Feel me? J This is fully described on page 142.

    • Friends with Benefits – that’s my favorite. It’s like an open relationship. You are friends, not a couple. You have sex regularly with her and the best part is that you can have other girls. Yes she can have other guys too.
      You are not bound to her and there is no jealousy between both of you at all. If you manage to achieve this type of relationship you can have threesome with her and another girl easily. How to get in this type of relationship? Page 143.

    • Make Her Your Girlfriend – if want her not only for sex, do it. If you like her qualities and her character make her your girl. Note that here you can’t have sex with other girls, unless you cheat on her.

    • Make Her Your Girlfriend With Extras - you’re a couple and you have an emotional relationship. You like each other a lot. But both of you want to have just sex with other partners. If both of you are cool with it and there is no jealousy, you can get into this type of relationship, see how on page 144.

    The choice is all yours.  I recommend you to decide early what type of relationship you want. If

    you get into some type of relationship and later you decide that you don’t want that type, you can switch to another one. But there are some cases when this is a really hard task, almost impossible.

    Alright, the whole thing you have learnt above is my system but there’s more.
    That very system you read helped me to get laid with a lot of hot girls. You can follow the same system over and over again to get chicks. And this system is part of my book:

    “The Secret Handbook of the Ladies’ Man”

    My friends admired the techniques I have collected. They were the reason to share that system and to write “The secret handbook of the ladies’ man”. They managed to convince me that I have to share this information with the world.
    What else you will discover inside:

    • How to build Sexual Tension between you and the girl. This is extremely important. If you don’t build it from the very beginning of your interaction you will not reach the sex easily. To do this you should blame her for something with a sexual context. For example: “You will not find me in your bed, just because you will pay my bill.” More word for word examples and full description on page 149.

    • You should always escalate with your non-intimate touches. See how to do it with this simple technique on page 159.

    • How to react if she moves back when you try to touch or kiss her

    • The Compliance Principle. You should always try to increase the compliance in her to you. Doing so will let you reach every next phase easier. This simple principle will give you the steps to do it, depending on her compliance level. Everything about her compliance and the two paths of actions to increase it are described on page 161.

    • Simplified representation of every interaction. Every interaction is a sequence of pieces and every piece can be positive or negative. This will help you to understand when you have to give her a positive piece to her and when you should give a negative one. Knowing this, you will never wonder how to act with the girl and why her behavior is strange.

    • How to make your dates. Most of the men always invite the girls on same type of dates – café, movie, and restaurant. As a result the girls are bored from these type of dates. And if you invite her to watch a movie she will think “Oh no, not again.” Because of this reason, you should come up with something different and something that will be more emotional for the girls. Make sure to see page 172 where you will find my full list of the best dating places and ideas.

    • How to start your first date? Almost every guy out there starts his dates with a very kind behavior, seeking rapport and making a lot of compliments from the very beginning of the date. Unfortunately this is not the right way. See what exactly you need to do on the schematic shown on page 175.

    • Do you really have to pay her bill? - Good question! And the answer will shock you (page 176).

    • How to tell stories and why they are extremely important for your success. Breakthrough techniques revealed in 9 pages.

    • The wing principle. If you have a friend with you in the bar then he can help you a lot and you will not need to do almost anything. He can do couple of things instead of you that will make the girl more attracted to you. Make sure to see these amazing strategies on page 190.

    • The principle of The New You. You can apply it in your life and in all of your interactions, no matter if they are with men or women. You can use it to make almost every person around you like you more. To be honest if you apply it all the time the people around you will want to hang out with you more, they will value you more and they will start to perceive you as a new person, wanting you to be around them all the time. Page 194.

    • How to handle with the guys who want to steal your girl. Have you ever talked with a girl when from somewhere some guy appears and starts to make fun of you in front of the girl and obviously is trying to impress her and to steal her from you? No, you will not need to fight the other guy. 9 word for word examples how to handle with such duche and the whole strategy is revealed on page 199.

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